Daily specials menu
Monday to Friday lunchtimes

Week of 26th to 29th Novermber
Papet vaudois – Sausage in pastry
Week of 3rd to 7th December
garnished sauerkraut
Week of 10th to 14th December
Roast sausage – Mashed potato
– Vegetables in season
Week of 17th to 21st December
Mixed salad – Ox tongue in
caper sauce – Rice

Special New Year menu
More info terre-vaudoise.ch

Origin 100% Vaud

• PDO Gruyère fondue, flavoured with PDO Etivaz cheese,
beer or bolete mushrooms
• Warm PDO Mont-d’Or AOP pavlova
• Hot fondue with PDO Etivaz
• Aperitif dishes from the local region
• Desserts from the Vaud region
• Best Vaud vintage wines with Terravin label
(red and white wines)
• Artisinal beer from the Vaud region
• Apple juice
• Christmas tea, artisan hot chocolate
and rustic coffee (to wash it down)

Information and booking: 077 406 05 30

Lunch: Every day
Evenings: Monday to Wednesday
Minimum number: 8 people