Bô Noël 2017

From 22nd November to 31st December


The Lausanne Christmas Association has put together a new kind of Christmas market in Lausanne to bring the people of Lausanne and Vauds and passing tourists a Christmas market that reflects the desires of both the present and the future. The aim is to make our end of year markets more contemporary, more innovative and more attractive whilst preserving strong links with the land and artisans. Over the advent period, Bô Noël will become a window display of riches from the wine, culinary and creative heritage of our country. Bô Noël is working with local businesses and artisans to offer original gifts: regional wines in an exclusive partnership with the Office of Vaudois Wines, local products, artisan and local beer, clothing and gifts made by designers from Lausanne or Romandy. Well worth a look!